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Oil on Metal

  • Residual Oils on Metal Parts
  • Cutting Oils, Lubricating Oils
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Oils
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Medical, Surgical Implants
  • Light Bulb, Automotive Manufacturing
  • Oxygen Pumps, Hospitals, HVAC systems
  • Calculate Results to Surface Area, mg/m2

Oil on Metal and Surface Wipe Analysis

Got oil on metal, small parts, or other surfaces? Need laboratory analysis? Sitelab's UVF-TRILOGY analyzer can be used to quickly measure concentrations of oil coated on steel, aluminum, and other metals across a broad range of manufacturing industries. This includes parts and components used in automotive, HVAC, food, medical and pharmaceuticals.

Medical Implant and Wipe

Lubricating oils are often used to prevent corrosion or assist with the production process. Residual oils remaining after the cleaning process can cause problems. Testing parts or surfaces to ensure they are clean and oil free is important for quality control.

Samples or surface wipes are extracted in solvent and tested for hydrocarbon content. The equipment is easy to use, and results take about 5 minutes. Detection limits are in the low ppb range.



Base model includes power supply and full 1-year warranty. Purchase UV modules (not included) most suitable for your application. Oils and surface contaminants can vary a lot. Contact Sitelab to help decide which module, calibration standard and solvent to use.