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TPH Fingerprinting

  • Identify Type of Petroleum in Soil, Sediment or Water
  • Gas, Diesel, Heavy Fuel Oil, Coal Ash, Asphalt
  • Fresh vs. Weathered Fuel Contamination
  • Map and Delineate Subsurface Plumes of Oil
  • Drill Cuttings with Crude Oil, Drilling Fluids
  • Monitor Bioremediation, Improve Treatment
  • Natural Organic vs. Petroleum Contaminates in Compost Soils, Food Products


Sitelab's fingerprinting method helps you identify the age or type of contamination on your site at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional laboratory forensic analysis. This evaluation study highlights the performance using Sitelab’s UVF-TRILOGY analyzer. The equipment is easy to use and samples take just a few minutes to analyze. Instructions and training by phone is included when purchasing or renting the equipment.

Finger Printing Trilogy Performance
Fluorescence Ranges Finger Printing

Test your samples using the different UV Modules available. The proportions – or ratios – exhibited in the sample concentrations will vary depending on how old and what type of petroleum is present. These signatures can be compared to Sitelab's unique database containing the signatures of hundreds of archived reference standards, oils and samples having known petroleum sources.