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  • Fuel Oils, Waste Oils
  • Creosotes
  • Coal Tars, Coal Ash
  • Contaminated Sediments
  • Asphalts and Sealcoats
  • Storm Water Runoff
  • Exhaust & Stack Emissions
  • Benzo[a]Pyrene + Other Regulated PAH Compounds

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Target PAHS)

PAH Calibration Kit

PAH Evaluation Study

Sitelab's PAH calibration kit, CAL-060, is used to measure (Target PAHs). This test matches well to U.S. EPA Method 8270 by GC/MS as the sum of the 16 to 18 compounds.

The UVF-TRILOGY and UVF-3100 analyzers are fitted with similar optical filters and produce accurate results over a wide range of contaminants. Samples only take a few minutes to extract in the solvent and analyze. The minimum detection limit is 0.05 ppm.

The PAH calibration kit is also used to measure Heavy PAHs using Trilogy's TPH OIL UV module and Total PAHs (EPH Aromatics) using Trilogy's EDRO module. See TPH Fingerprinting applications for details.